Patching a rip…

Is it possible that people today patch a rip in their personality by being very trendy and modern but still carrying their ‘baggage’ from the past?

It’s very trendy today to be independent, to leave your job, to be an entrepreneur… But at the same time the coaching and guru industry is booming…

Is it possible that those same people leave their boss physically but never actually do that because they replace the boss who gives orders with ‘sponsor’, ‘coach’ (even ‘mentor’, as if they knew what that meant) or ‘leader’?

Substitutes are very trendy and exceptionally profitable: you substitute meat with ‘plant alternatives’, you substitute sugar with ‘natural sweeteners’, you substitute your spouse with a lover… But you never seem to realize that it’s not the form, it’s not the object, it’s the baggage

When your clothes are torn, don’t patch with new and trendy patches all the time. Change the clothes!

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