Tom Big Al Schreiter

I’ve learned a lot from him and I continue to learn.

When you get to that level of expertise, you say things in a few simple words and they have great power. And then you mix with some humor and jokes because people learn best when they laugh. This is the Big Al style.

But Tom Schreiter is a lot more than that: he’s a very caring and kind person, dedicated to do helping others. He’s not just a showman who’s able to gather thousands and keep them entertained for hours… In fact, he used to hate public speaking 🙂

I’ll never forget when I mailed him my ‘brilliant ideas’ and was looking forward to his feedback. Little did I expect that even though he’s training people in China and there’s such huge time difference, he’d answer within hours in such a kind and polite way… Of course, my ideas weren’t the next big thing after sliced bread… but the way he put his opinion and his advice gave me clarity and didn’t kill my ‘motivation’ to continue digging and looking for solutions…

You may enjoy part of his seminar in London from many years ago. Still great, isn’t it?

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