Tony Robbins answers a few important questions

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Unfortunately, I don’t know Tony personally. Wish I did. And who knows what the future holds?

But here are the answers to 5 important questions from my Success Academy:

  1. What wisdom can you share for people who go adrift when tackling their goals?
  2. Is there such a thing as chasing too many goals or dreams at the same time and what is the best way to get clarity of purpose?
  3. What makes lifelong learning so important and how can you find your best style of learning?
  4. When you gain more knowledge, you gain more insight into who you can become. How do you know when it’s time to reinvent yourself?
  5. Describe a time when you had to shift from pursuing one path to going after something new?

Watch the video and share in the comments if the answers have been helpful for you.

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