From past to the future

From past to the future

If a country has no long history, other nations underestimate it and despise it. Actually, there are always ones who slander, and mock, and underestimate…

Our country has a long history, a difficult one, that is really pulling us back and is somehow always hindering us from making a step forward into our future. If you have some issues and problems in the past that you haven’t dealt with, will you be able to advance into the future? Why do we have so many problems arising today – are they the result of the last decades or they are deeply rooted in our ancient past and the unresolved issues of our ancestors?

I am not a political scientist and I am not going to do political analyses. However, I am a patriot who decided to stay! I did not leave even though I had many chances. I did not run away even though I was tempted many times. Why? Because I have lived abroad and I know what it is like – if you have your issues here, you are going to have them there too! There’s no way for you to run away from yourself, unless you deal with the bitter roots which bear their fruit in your life.

I decided to stay, I did so for the sake of my kids, I decided to stay for the sake of the future. It’s not an easy task to change the course of a nation. But it is glorious and it’s worth it! I have the scars from many battles – I won quite many and lost perhaps more. But I am not going to give up because I am looking ahead into the future. We are raising our children to be citizens who care and who are looking for ways to change the world around them. Why live on the earth if the only goal is to survive or make money, store riches and make merry? What is left after we die? What do we pass on to the next generation? Who is going to pick up the baton?

I love my family, I love my country. And I am determined to change it. We can, together…

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