How I lost more than 30lbs in a year!

I hate diets. I hate putting my body and mind under stress for no reason – when I have tried to lose weight using diets, the yo-yo has been a real killer and demotivator…

So when I heard about this delicious diet – eating and drinking and losing wight!!! I was fascinated. And it worked! I lost more than 30lbs for about 6 months and kept it for the rest 6 months!

And the whole thing was to substitute the meals with delicious shakes and cookies for 2 weeks! I lost 8kgs and then started eating and kept on losing weight!

Well, my wife and friends did not lose that many – about 6-7kgs but hey, that’s something, eh? Especially for a lady…

Get in touch with me to talk. I might be able to help.

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