Online teaching

Online teaching

How do you feel when you buy clothes from the department store? They need adjusting, always make wrinkles here and there, they don’t fit perfectly well. Perhaps there can never be a one-size-fits-all design that’s perfect for all. It is so different when you go to the boutique and they tailor the clothes for you to fit you perfectly well…

Today more and more people spend a lot of time online. What do you say if you can study online and save the commuting, driving, going places?… How about being taught by an experienced teacher who lives away from your city but thanks to great technologies, can be within your reach?

In our online sessions we have video and audio, we write and read and talk, using a webinar platform. It feels the same as if we were together but we are saving time and money.

We include all activities and language skills. The Share-screen option helps use software that we have installed on our computers and you don’t need to buy it. Then you have a recording that you can watch as many times as you wish which speeds the process of learning.

We tailor-make a curriculum for you, taking into account all your personal needs and requirements. Because it’s you who really matters…

And you feel good… And it fits you well… 🙂

In for it? Contact me for more details!

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