Tips how to study a language

Tips how to study a language

Before you start learning a language, choose the right teacher. He/she has a huge part to play in learning the language. People learn from people, not from textbooks…

Ask for references for the teacher. If you can afford one-to-one tutoring, it is the best and the most effective. Languages need to be used, not simply learned. That’s why there should be a lot of speaking and communication in class to practice what is being taught.
If you feel awkward and shy to speak, let me tell you this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! People feel very much so when they need to speak… But speaking is a skill that takes time to develop… Start speaking, even if you make mistakes – people learn best from their mistakes…

In order to learn something new – no matter whether it’s grammar or vocabulary, one needs to repeat it over and over at least 14 times (this is what psychologists keep telling 🙂 And by repeating I mean in different context. So don’t feel embarrassed to write a word down again and again or to get back to the same grammar point – it just takes time to get things from your short-term memory into the long-term one…

And let me tell you this: There is no such thing as ”I can’t learn the language!” It’s a matter of right or wrong methods, approach and attitude. Some achieve results with more effort, others with less… But EVERYONE CAN learn a language if they don’t give up.

If you want to discuss learning-related issues, contact me. I’d be happy to help in choosing the right book, system of learning or share from my experience..

George Alex

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