The Art of Teaching  Learning  Practicing  Change  Growth  Success

by George Alex,

since 1989

Your life is a story. 
Why not upgrade it to a real masterpiece? 

Will you let me help you with the upgrade?

Животът ти е история. 
Защо не я направиш истински шедьовър? 

Ще ми позволиш ли да ти помогна да я качиш на ново ниво?

Some of my clients / Някои от моите клиенти

There's nothing you can't learn. As long as you are willing to change, apply your heart to mastering the new thing, build discipline and give it time. Let's get started, shall we?

Няма нещо, което да не можеш да научиш. Стига да си готов за промяна, да вложиш сърцето си в новото, да изградиш дисциплина и да му отделиш нужното време. Да се захващаме за работа, какво ще кажеш?

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    Each of us was made with our needs and necessities. Our Creator (for it is incredibly humiliating and disgraceful to support Darwin’s theory when he himself confesses that it was built on mere assumption) has placed deeply in us a basic necessity to believe and we practice believing every day of our lives. We believe…

    From past to the future

    If a country has no long history, other nations underestimate it and despise it. Actually, there are always ones who slander, and mock, and underestimate... Our country has a long history, a difficult one, that is really pulling us back and is somehow always hindering us from making a step forward into our future. If…